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Celebrate 50 Years of The GateHouse During the 2022 Extra Give

Half a Century of Restoring the Human Spirt Through Recovery in Lancaster County

Next month, The GateHouse celebrates 50 years of service. This isn’t just a celebration of the great work done by our passionate team or the strength of our clients in recovery; it’s a celebration of the support of our dedicated community for five decades.

This year’s Extra Give is a special one for us; it marks the beginning of our anniversary celebration and is a reminder of why your support is so vital to the success and wellbeing of our clients in recovery.

We hope you’ll consider giving to The GateHouse on November 18. We couldn’t do what we do without your generosity, including providing the day-to-day services our clients rely upon.

Funds Raised for The GateHouse During the Extra Give Support Services from Transportation to Housing

The money raised during the Extra Give is put to use in direct, tangible ways. For instance, by becoming a Neighbor Donor with a $50 donation, you’ll provide one month of public transportation for clients so they can travel to work or visit family members.

Becoming a GateHouse donor at various levels helps us move closer to our mission. Other donor levels include:

  • Peer, $100 Donation – provides three clients with photo ID cards for employment
  • Friend, $250 Donation – helps two clients obtain their GED
  • Supporter, $500 Donation – provides transitional housing for one month
  • Ally, $1,000 Donation – provides a food bank order for one month
  • Advocate, $2,500 Donation – furnishes a client bedroom

“When you make a donation to The GateHouse during the Extraordinary Give, you’re helping to provide our clients with the essentials they need to begin and/or continue their recovery journey,” said Jodi O’Reilly, Executive Director of The GateHouse. “You’re making it possible for them to maintain employment, live healthy lives, and ultimately, give back to our community.”

By Giving Extra on November 18, You’re Empowering Our Clients to Give Back Tomorrow

Support given during this year’s Extra Give comes full circle as our clients begin their recovery journeys and start giving back to the local community.

“It doesn’t take long for the support our community gives to clients of The GateHouse to be paid back many times over,” Jodi said. “Our clients retain employment and volunteer in local initiatives. They’re invested in their own recovery and often serve as sponsors for others. And they’re dedicated to paying forward the support they received in their time of need.”

Give Extra to The GateHouse During the 2022 Extraordinary Give

We hope you’ll consider supporting The GateHouse and our clients during this year’s Extraordinary Give.

To give to The GateHouse, visit our Extra Give giving page and make your donation.

We appreciate your generosity during the Extra Give and all year round as we fulfill our mission of restoring the human spirit through recovery.

Thanks to Our Matching Donor Sponsors!

A special thanks to these generous sponsors who will make matching donations on the day of The Extraordinary Give. Help them reach their goals by clicking below to make your own donation on the day of the Extra Give!

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