PARR and NARR recertification

GateHouse Transitional Living Earns PARR and NARR Recertification

Thank You to Our Transitional Living Team for Their Hard Work in Achieving This Recognition

Our transitional living team works incredibly hard to make sure that every one of our transitional living recovery houses is giving our residents what they need to live a safe and healthy life in recovery.

Thanks to our team, GateHouse Transitional Living has achieved its recertification from The Pennsylvania Alliance of Recovery Residences (PARR) and the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) – the organizations setting the standards of care for recovery houses across our state and the nation.

Recovery Residences Must Meet a Series of Standards to Be Eligible for Certification

Achieving PARR and NARR certification takes the dedication of an entire team to pull off. There are 38 standards spread across 4 domains that a recovery residence must meet to be eligible for national and state certification. The four domains are:

  • Administrative Operations
  • Physical Environment
  • Recovery Support
  • Good Neighbor

Together, these standards check to see that transitional living facilities are operating with integrity, upholding residents’ rights, providing a home-like environment, facilitating active recovery, and much more.

Our Transitional Living Team Surpassed PARR and NARR Standards to Help Us Achieve Recertification

Leigh Chapman

Receiving recertification for all PARR and NARR standards across all eight transitional living residences at GateHouse Transitional Living is a true achievement and not easily accomplished. It took the hard work of our transitional living team made up of Leigh Chapman, Transitional Living Coordinator; Keith Stoudt, Director of Support Services; and Jim Marshall, Facilities Manager.

This was the first time through the recertification process for Leigh Chapman.

“It takes a lot of work and dedication to ensure our transitional living houses are meeting PARR and NARR standards,” Leigh said. “Doing the work to achieve recertification demonstrates that The GateHouse does whatever it takes to provide quality care to our residents.”

Meeting the standards for certification also required our team’s attention to the smallest details.

“I made my way down a long list of maintenance standards to ensure the facilities were ready for certification. I made sure the windows in each facility had screens, that all appliances were cleaned, that there were no fire hazards or leaks in any of the houses,” Leigh said. “It was a big job.”

Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall regularly maintains each of the transitional living houses at The GateHouse and handled the updates and repairs needed at each house to ensure they met PARR and NARR standards.

When asked about his contribution to the PARR and NARR recertification, Jim said, “It fulfills me to be a part of the experience and success.”

Keith Stoudt played a large role in helping The GateHouse achieve recertification in 2020 and was able to use that experience to help us meet the standards again this year.

“Meeting PARR and NARR standards proves that you’re providing the highest quality transitional living homes to your residents,” Keith said. “These standards hold all transitional living recovery houses accountable for operating with integrity. They require that we uphold a culture of empowerment and respect for our residents’ rights so they can actively engage in the beginning stages of their recovery journey.”

Keith Stoudt

Leigh, Jim, and Keith all agreed that the accreditation process took the entire team working together and that achieving the accreditation was only possible because of their dedication to excellence year-round.

“I appreciate and value the fact that all of us here at The GateHouse work together and hold one another accountable to high standards of work ethic that align with our mission, vision, and values,” Keith said.

“With this being my first accreditation, I relied on the team for support and guidance,” Leigh added. “We came together to get the job done. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Thank you, Leigh, Jim, and Keith for your hard work in achieving this accreditation and for your dedication to our clients in recovery.

When you or your loved one is ready to begin life in recovery, our transitional living homes are here to support you on your journey.

The GateHouse offers substance abuse treatment services for long-term addiction recovery with locations throughout Lancaster County, PA. We create a support system for each of our clients to break the cycle of substance abuse and get them on a path towards recovery. Whether they need a transitional living environment, residential treatment services, or outpatient support, it’s here for them.

We’d love to help you with your next step in recovery. Reach out to us today!



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