Look Inside – Transitional Living Homes

Look Inside – Transitional Living Homes

Recovery Housing in Lancaster County

Designed to welcome individuals for up to one year, our transitional living homes offer an inviting peer driven environment that is specifically attuned to the unique issues confronting people as they transition back into daily living. Once the decision is made to live in transitional housing, residents take comfort in knowing they’re in a safe and supportive setting. Each home is beautifully appointed and located in the community with easy access to bus stops, local businesses, grocery stores, and additional support services.

Each of our eight residences is also equipped with all the resources necessary for a comfortable modern lifestyle, including supplemental food, cleaning supplies, a washer and dryer, and kitchen appliances. In addition, GateHouse Transitional Living residents have access to cable, a desktop computer, a phone, and high-speed internet.

Facility Services

Life at many of our drug and alcohol treatment facilities looks very similar to independent living, but with the added benefit of treatment. Within a safe, supportive, home-like environment, residents are able to focus on treating the main factors that contribute to their addiction.

  • Zoning-compliant locations with professional safety measures in place
  • Located in communities with convenience to bus stops, local businesses, grocery stores, and additional supportive services
  • Access to cable, phone, desktop computer, and high-speed wireless internet services
  • A unique opportunity for residents to obtain outpatient and intensive outpatient drug and alcohol counseling through The GateHouse Behavioral Health Services
  • Resources to live comfortably, like supplemental food, cleaning products, bedding, kitchen appliances, washer and dryer, and transportation to house activities
  • A live-in house manager at each location and a full-time, on-call coordinator

“My experience at The GateHouse was truly life-changing. The safe, structured, and caring environment allowed me to work through my problems with substance abuse and the underlying issues that contributed to them. I’ve been able to not only graduate successfully from their program but re-enter the world with a sense of pride, confidence, accomplishment, and the tools to stay sober.”

Pilar X.

Residential Living for Recovery

GateHouse Transitional Living offers residents in early recovery the support and structure they need to be positioned for long-term success. Each of the GTL homes has a live-in house manager who oversees daily operations and provides support for each client residing in the home.
Residents residing at GateHouse Transitional Living may receive their therapeutic services on-site or at our Behavioral Health Outpatient Center on North Cherry Street in Lancaster.
Upon Leaving GateHouse Transitional Living, we encourage all our former residents to continue with follow-up services through the Behavioral Health Outpatient Center. Our outpatient services include outpatient counseling, intensive outpatient, drug and alcohol evaluations, and partial hospitalization. In addition to the therapeutic services, GateHouse Transitional Living residents receive case management services on an as-needed basis. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please contact us today, or click below to determine which services might be right for you.

Our Services


Even as clients complete their residential program at The GateHouse, communication with case managers continues to occur to help monitor individual progress. Meetings one week, one month, and three months after discharge. During these check-ins, a follow-up questionnaire is completed jointly to determine any areas where additional support may be warranted.
For more information about how The GateHouse is continually “restoring the human spirit through recovery,” contact us today.

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