Making a Difference as a Recovery Specialist at The GateHouse

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There aren’t many roles at The GateHouse that connect staff members and clients as closely as that of the Recovery Specialist.

“Our Recovery Specialists are truly the front-line support staff for our clients,” said Mike Duffy, Residential Program Supervisor at The GateHouse.

Mike manages his team of Recovery Specialists who, together, make sure that every residential client is heard and cared for properly. This often includes facilitating a life skills group like a budgeting seminar or transporting a client to an appointment like an art therapy class or a doctor’s office. In the evenings, the Recovery Specialist on duty will take clients to their 12-step meetings.

“There’s always a Recovery Specialist in each residence 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Mike said. “Our team is there every day to support clients in whatever they need around the clock.”

Many of the Recovery Specialists at The GateHouse have experienced treatment in recovery first-hand. Others have family members or loved ones who have gone through The GateHouse and benefitted from the care that Recovery Specialists have shown.

No matter their connection to the substance use disorder (SUD) community, the Recovery Specialists at The GateHouse want a rewarding career that gives them the ability to give back and to grow within our organization.

Recovery Specialists support our clients as they make one of the most important transitions of their lives. They guide clients through treatment and provide whatever they need to lead a healthy life in recovery.

Our Recovery Specialists Have the Opportunity to Take on Larger Roles Over Time

For those looking to get their foot in the door of the SUD field, becoming a Recovery Specialist is a smart place to start.

“Working as a Recovery Specialist can quickly put you on a path towards a career supporting the SUD community,” Mike said. “Several of our team members and management staff began as recovery specialists and have worked their way up into other roles.”

While working as a Recovery Specialist is an entry-level position, it’s a skilled role that makes a huge impact on The GateHouse’s ability to support people in early recovery. The SUD field offers a certification for Recovery Specialist professionals. But the cost of certification comes with a big price tag.

“A Recovery Specialist Certification costs approximately $1,500; a cost The GateHouse pays in full for our Recovery Specialist team members,” said Mike. “It’s one of the biggest benefits of becoming a Recovery Specialist at The GateHouse.”

Supporting The GateHouse’s Entire Team

For our Recovery Specialists, no two days are ever the same. And working at The GateHouse in any other role is no different. Everyone has to jump in when they’re needed, regardless of who they are within the organization.

“The GateHouse team is a very supportive group,” said Mike. “If there’s ever a need, people always jump in. Especially during COVID in 2020, things were changing quickly, and we all had to wear several hats. When our Recovery Specialists and I needed help, our co-workers always volunteered to lend a hand, and we always did what we had to do to care for our clients. This is a special place to work.”

Join Our Team as a Recovery Specialist at The GateHouse

We’re currently hiring Recovery Specialists at several of our locations. In this position, you’ll oversee clients, coordinate activities, work with staff in client observation, and serve in many other capacities. Recovery Specialists develop positive relationships with clients, set good examples, communicate well with clients and staff, listen, and display a true belief in the philosophy of The GateHouse.

Learn more about becoming a Recovery Specialist and Apply Now.

At The GateHouse, we create a support system for each of our clients to break the cycle of addiction and get them on a path towards recovery, including addiction treatment services for long-term recovery with locations throughout Lancaster County, PA.

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