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The Connections Grant Program Brings Case Management to Clients in Transitional Living

How the new Transitional Living Grant Program, Connections, is supporting the needs of clients beginning their recovery journey

Transitioning back into your community after completing residential treatment creates change across every aspect of life. While it’s an important step forward in the recovery journey, we know it can also be a stressful time, especially for clients without many resources or a strong support system.

Our GateHouse Transitional Living houses are one of the many tools we have at The GateHouse to support clients in recovery as they leave residential treatment. They give our clients the ability to ease their way back into the community as they look for employment, an apartment, and any other essentials they need to begin life in recovery.

This past spring, our transitional living program received a boost of support from a grant to begin our new Connections Program. This program incorporates a transitional living case manager dedicated to supporting our clients as they transition. The grant also includes funding to help us provide rent reductions for GTL residents, as well.

The Connections Program Provides Financial Stability as Clients Transition

To be successful in early recovery, clients need assistance in many areas, including financial security. They must have the basics covered, like paying rent and food, if they’re going to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The beauty of the Connections program is it covers the cost of rent for transitional living clients for the first two months of their stay. From there, the cost of rent is tiered, increasing slightly each month until they reach the full cost of rent at 12 months, and if a client receives a successful discharge, the program offers them financial assistance for their security deposit on their own apartment.

Micayla Roberts is the transitional living case manager overseeing the Connections program and she’s already witnessed the impact the program is having on her clients.

“Through the Connections grant, we’re alleviating a lot of the financial stress our clients would otherwise face at the beginning of their recovery journey,” Micayla said.

She is largely interested in using the program as a tool to help clients focus more on their treatment needs and build a solid foundation for recovery.

“By alleviating financial stress, we’re able to tackle mental health and wellness challenges our clients face; challenges that can prove to be major barriers to recovery if left unmanaged,” Micayla said. “It’s much easier to work through stress, anxiety, and depression when your rent payment isn’t looming over your head.”

How the Connections Case Management Program Works for Clients

Upon entering the program, Micayla takes an inventory of the client’s needs starting with the essentials – employment, doctor’s appointments, dental exams, transportation, etc. Next, they develop a plan to address all the needs of the client – outpatient counseling programs, mental health resources in the community, and many others.

She then creates a plan to get the client the resources they need, including access to support services. She’ll take into consideration whether treatment is within walking distance of clients, and which accept medical assistance when she’s setting up appointments. Most importantly, though, Micayla learns the client’s individual needs and matches them with the right outpatient counselors and ancillary services.

Connections is Already Making a Big Impact in Recovery for Clients in Transitional Living

In just the first several months of the program, Connections is already helping individuals meet their treatment needs and prepare for a life in recovery.

“The Connections program is already providing significant benefits to our transitional living clients,” Micayla said. “I can see the relief on clients’ faces when they can focus on their recovery and not their first couple of rent payments. They know they have me there to support them – they’re not alone. It makes a difference in recovery when you feel like someone’s in your corner.”

The GateHouse offers transitional living services for long-term addiction recovery to clients throughout Lancaster County, PA. We help our clients access the services and resources they need to return and contribute to their communities.

Micayla and our entire team at The GateHouse would love to help you with your next step in recovery. Reach out to us today!

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