Family Support

We’re Here For You!

The collateral consequences of addiction can be devastating, both emotionally and practically. That’s why the experts at The GateHouse put such a priority on educating and strengthening parents and children who’ve been negatively impacted by addiction.

It is our belief that families not only deserve to heal and understand … We also know that well-equipped families have the power to play a uniquely healing role in a more fulfilling and stable life for everyone affected.

What Families Can Expect at The GateHouse

Understanding that skilled family support can be pivotal to their loved one’s journey to recovery, we offer the following resources to support this integrated process:

  • Family education about the disease of addiction and the recovery process
  • Tools to support the recovery process while maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Learning how not to enable dependence
  • Methods for reducing fears and managing stress
  • Opportunities for rebuilding trust and mending family relationships
  • Individual family sessions
  • Tele-conferences for families unable to travel

We strongly encourage participation in our family support program and are always willing to assist in accommodating family and friends outside of the local area. Separate family support meetings are held on alternate Saturdays at both the men’s and women’s facilities.

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