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The GateHouse is a nonprofit organization that strives to strengthen the entire community by providing comprehensive and community-based Substance Use Disorder services for individuals and families
struggling. We offer a comprehensive set of services for drug and alcohol treatment. While on the road to recovery, clients of The GateHouse engage in a multitude of services, such as residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and transitional living. While enrolled in these programs, individuals have access to many resources such as clinical therapy, education, community integration, life skills, job preparedness, family integration, wellness activities and much more.

Residential Extended Care

The GateHouse Residential Extended Care Program provides a community-based home-like setting with 24-hour clinical staff that supports our clients in developing a foundation in recovery.

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Gatehouse Transitional Living

GateHouse Transitional Living (GTL) offers a substance-free supportive housing. GTL is a community-based environment supervised by a senior resident. This type of supportive housing is referred to as either a “recovery house” or a “transitional housing.”

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Outpatient Treatment

The GateHouse outpatient location offers an array of day support services, which can include assessments, counseling, groups, case management, referral services, and practical skills to cope with the challenges and experiences often encountered during recovery.

Every program at The GateHouse is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and is staffed by credentialed professionals, many of whom are living in and thriving in their own recovery jorney. If you’re interested in learning more about The GateHouse and our programs, please contact us.

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