Mission, Vision, and Values

As an established nonprofit organization, The GateHouse aims to restore the human spirit of each one of its clients through comprehensive recovery services. The GateHouse team stands by its mission, vision, and values statements in order to provide the best possible care for its clients and help them achieve lifelong recovery.

The GateHouse Mission Statement

GateHouse exists to transform and encourage a life of recovery by providing community-centered accredited services.

The GateHouse Vision Statement

Ultimately, our vision is to help create a community where everyone who is affected by addiction is seeking recovery.

The GateHouse Values

The GateHouse will accomplish its mission of transforming and encouraging lifelong recovery by walking BESIDE people. We adhere to these values throughout all levels of our organization and demonstrate them through our interactions with clients.

B e Impactful: We will work every day to improve the lives of others.
E mpowerment: We will build a culture that encourages opportunities for development.site-img width-auto
S tewardship: We will manage our resources in a socially responsible way.
I ntegrity: We will adhere to the highest ethical principles and professional standards.
D iversity: We will respect, celebrate and encourage the unique differences of all individuals.
E mpathy: We will demonstrate the ability to understand others.

While living, working, and standing by The GateHouse’s mission, vision, and values, we hope to create a community where everyone struggling with addiction can pursue recovery and, ultimately, restore their human spirit.

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Today if you or a loved one has been affected by addiction and are ready to pursue lifelong recovery. We take the time to figure out exactly what each individual needs to be successful and flourish throughout recovery, and we can’t wait to help you overcome your addiction.

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