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Restoring Your Human Spirit Through Recovery

Many people who struggle to overcome substance use disorders feel stigmatized, alone, and lost in their own bodies and minds. Being physically dependent on substances that negatively impact your life can affect everything about a person. Making the choice to enter recovery is one of the best ways to restore your spirit after battling the addictive cycle.

Throughout your recovery journey, you’ll be focusing on restoring your mind and body. Only after you’ve eliminated the toxins that have affected your body and soul can you truly restore your spirit, happiness, and hope for a better future.

The Mind, Body and Spirit Connection

After making the decision to get help with a substance use disorder, you may either try to stop cold turkey or enter a rehabilitation facility to go through a medical detox. It’s likely you’ll experience multiple withdrawal symptoms such as shakes, nausea, depression, anxiety, mood swings, and a number of other ailments. Medical detox can help ease the pain of detox, although nothing can really eliminate it.

After you have detoxed, many rehab facilities offer some form of exercise option for patients. Taking care of your physical health will help you better understand how much a healthy body impacts your mindset. After gaining more control and insight into your body and mind, restoring your spirit will follow.

Once you have gone through detox and started your recovery process, you’ll be inundated with options for therapy. Individual, group, art, equine, and so many more therapies available at rehab facilities aim to restore your mind. You’ll be able to discover the underlying cause of your addiction and begin working on those deeper issues. If you suffer from anxiety or depression due to your substance use, therapy will help you work on overcoming and managing those disorders. Overall, therapy in recovery is a critical part of your mental restoration, and ultimately the restoration of your spirit.

Restoration of the Spirit

Hope lives at the core of the human spirit. It encompasses everything about you. Your mind, your feelings, your body, and so much more. After any amount of time spent dealing with substance abuse, it’s easy to think you will never be able to get back to the person you were before.

Post-detox recovery will help you learn to manage physical urges, emotional triggers, and boundary setting. You will also have the opportunity to attend individual and group therapy sessions to better understand yourself and the causes behind your use of drugs or alcohol. Although you won’t be in a recovery house forever, it’s an incredible step toward ongoing salvation and the renewal of your spirit.

Staying Strong

Soon after attending rehab, it’s likely that you still won’t feel confident in your ability to stay sober once you’re on your own again. Over time, as you work on your mind, body, and spirit, you will begin to trust yourself more and more. Although many people in recovery still fight for their sobriety daily, the longer you stay in recovery the more likely you are to have hope for the future and trust in your ability to stay sober.

Overcoming a substance use disorder affects all aspects of a human being. Attending rehab and actively working on recovery will give you the best possible foundation for a healthy, sober life.

If you or someone you love is ready to get help with their addiction, reach out to us today to get started. We offer outpatient treatment as well as residential treatment and would love to help you in the next stage of your recovery.

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